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Helene Bumbalo
American English Right Now 804-921-8081

Company Information:

American English Right Now is a Business Communication “One Stop Shop” for International Guest-workers, non-native English speakers and International students living in the USA. The mission is to enhance communication in the “Melting Pot” of America so everyone benefits from improved Global cooperation. 1:1 tutoring in-person, on Skype and FaceTime. Group courses also taught.

Focused on Career Success, American English Right Now helps professionals with their Business English Language Skills:

●      Expand their work-specific vocabulary to increase job success
●      Reduce their accent to improve dialogue skills
●      Identify and overcome other communication barriers, whether written or verbal.

American English Right Now assists professionals through Career Consulting:

●      Learn communication skills American employers expect during the interview process and once hired into the American Marketplace
●      Identify the core strengths, values, talents and interests that define them and how to best communicate these to the employer
●      Create verbal and written communication that gets the results they want, including personal branding statements, emails and summary reports.
●      Understand Non-Verbal communication cues
●     Understand which topics are OK to discuss at work and which are HOT TOPICS to avoid
●      Understand why building a network of Allies and Advocates is as important on the job as the work they deliver each day
●      Identify and watch marketplace trends
●      Focus on Career Management versus just “keeping a job”

Upcoming Courses:
1-Day Workshops: June 1, 2015, Basic Business Writing- Focus on Grammar. August 7, 2015, Writing with Purpose: Emails, Memos, Summaries and Letters
12- week Course: The American Marketplace, meets twice a week from Sept 1, 2015- November 19th,   Limited to 7-10 students, creating a “safe place” to practice Business English.

Helene Bumbalo Bio:

HeleneBumbaloWith a Master’s Degree in Counseling, a TESOL Certificate with specialization in Business English and a diverse career including corporate training and academic instruction, Helene Bumbalo has an uncommon ability to build rapport and identify problem communication issues. After many years in Healthcare and Finance, Helene reinvented herself by living and working in Istanbul, Turkey, teaching Aviation and Executive English.  She developed an awareness of day-to-day language challenges and the practical strategies to overcome them. Since returning to the US, Helene has worked with many adult learners, teaching both professional and informal English, providing career guidance and generally, assisting them with improving their competency as they navigate the American workforce.