Blue Plover

Blue Plover is a technology company focused on building hyper local online communities. We feel that businesses don’t have an easy way to get their information out to their community online, we feel local publishers and media sites are losing traffic to national aggregate websites, and we believe that the local consumer is not given easy to access information about all of the businesses and professionals in their community.

By building the blue plover technology we have created a way to solve these problems and to help local communities and the businesses, organizations, and people that make them and support them to thrive and grow.

After growing to over 1600 businesses in the greater Nashville area and raising funding from private investors in Nashville we are expanding to new territories to continue our progression and quest for hyper local online community development.

Every business can be a part of what we’re doing for free and we also have programs to help businesses learn, understand, and build a sustainable online presence.

About the CEO, Adrian Larrea

Adrian Larrea is from Cary high school. After high school he moved to Boston to pursue higher education and where he happened to find his absolute love and passion for local businesses. After creating a business plan and talking to several professors Adrian moved down to Wilmington, North Carolina and started his first company. As it was growing opportunities presented themselves for his partner and himself to move the business to Nashville Tennessee. After moving and meeting a specialized team of engineers they began the journey. As the Blue Plover team developed they ran into obstacles and speed bumps at every turn, but the experience of developing a platform that can change everything for local communities is worth every minute of work that’s been put into it. Now with a team of 15 people working on the project and development in Nashville, Raleigh, and Cincinnati Blue Plover is growing by leaps and bounds.