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brianwithbookBrian Azar
Founder and CEO of The Sales Catalyst and Coaching Catalyst Inc.
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The Sales and Coaching Catalyst:

Personal growth and interpersonal skills

People often forget the obvious: business involves human interaction. It is crucial to recognize and respond to a client’s, colleagues, or employees preferred method of communication. However, many people sometimes lose confidence in their own instincts and their understanding of good relationship.azar-photo

Recognizing this need, Brian Azar founded The Sales and Coaching Catalyst more than 35 years ago. Brian adapted a unique approach from several disciplines in order to assist people and organizations in improving their communication skills. Utilizing key concepts from the science of neuro-linguistic programming, Brian created programs that focus on identifying the most common styles of communication. Participants and clients learn how to utilize and improve those styles in order to establish superior rapport and reach their goals.

After being a top sales person, sales manager, and trainer, Brian Azar left Xerox in 1980 to form The Sales and Coaching Catalyst Inc. Brian’s companies offer training sessions, workshops, programs, key note speakers, and personal and executive coaching for corporations, small businesses, and individuals. In addition to communication skills, Brian offers training and coaching on peak performance, team building, communication mastery skills, using a blend of music, props, and interactive exercises.


Brian Azar, founder and president of The Coaching Catalyst, is an author, speaker, trainer, coach, and advocate of lifelong learning. He is also founder of The Sales Catalyst, providing sales and marketing training to hundreds of professionals each year. He has more than 35 years experience in sales and communications and is internationally known as a corporate speaker and trainer. Brian’s training sessions and management seminars on success through self-direction have received enthusiastic reviews throughout the United States and abroad.

As an author, Brian introduces the science of self-direction in his book, The Sales Doctor. In his book, Your Successful Sales Career, Brian presents a unique “interview” approach to the sales cycle. He has also published, The 10 Laws of Business Success for the 21st Century, which assist entrepreneurs and business owners to take control of their personal and professional lives. Brian has also written hundreds of articles for Success, Selling Power, and Sales & Marketing Management magazines.