Value Proposition

Communicator Plus helps businesses improve all aspects of their communications to increase understanding and value. Communicator Plus serves as a creative and communication catalyst to change and enhance your company’s total success through:
development of a clear vision, direction and message
increased market velocity because of the adoption of your company’s story and services, and
added value to your customers with creative content, products and communications strategies.

How Do WE Do That? We…





(From Concept to Completion) (As a… ) (Your Company’s)
Ideas & Concepts Content Creator Vision
Strategies & Stories Speaker Velocity
Content & Campaigns Consultant VALUE
Products & Promotions Change Catalyst  
Catalyst Communications Creative Director (We change your customers’…)
  Trainer Perspective
  Storyteller Momentum
    Understanding & Buy In


Bottom Line: We provide Communication and Marketing based ideas, strategies and effective change that enhance business growth and sustainability!


Van Carpenter

Van Carpenter