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Philip Tabor , CrossFit Coordinate Business Manager and Coach
Holly Tabor and Tyler Riva : Head Coaches and Co/Owners

CrossFit Coordinate

About CrossFit Coordinate:

Crossfit Coordinate LogoCrossFit Coordinate exists to intersect people with community and fitness.   We strive for excellence in everything we do from our daily workouts, clean facility to our community involvement.  At Coordinate our clients are more than monthly memberships they are the back bone of this community of fitness.  Each client is referred to as an athlete and treated with the utmost respect and dignity as our coaching staff helps push them to their goals.  Our athletes start with various backgrounds: collegiate athletes to stay at home dads looking to improve their quality of life.  Our week long Foundations class will allow any clients to start the CrossFit program without any background in fitness and begin to reach goals in the first 90 days.  With state of the art technology, Coordinate electronically records and measures daily, weekly, and monthly progress for each client.
We have blended the basic CrossFit strength template and added theories of Westside Barbell into a cohesive design. Our strength template utilizes The Percent Training Method, The Conjugate Training Method, The Dynamic Training Method and The Maximum Effort Method throughout various strength cycles. The focus of olympic weightlifting, multi-joint training, encompasses variations of the snatch and clean and jerk while focusing on lifting technique. Our goal isn’t to just increase your physical strength but to improve form and technique while reducing the rPhilip Tabor and Bob Collierisk of injury.

An area often neglected in programs is mobility. Every class has a warm-up, pre-workout stretch and post-workout stretch. Mobility reduces injury and promotes fluid movement, both of which are a priority for us.

We incorporate skill teaching/practice weekly during class because honing a skill requires practice.

We continuously challenge each member to bring an attitude of hard work, accountability, and total effort to each workout so the athlete improves physically and mentally.