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EMERG+NC Property Rescuers
919 EMERG-NC (363-7462)

For Property Damage Emergencies

EMERG+NC Property Rescuers, the name to remember for property damage emergencies.

EMERG+NC Property Rescuers is property damage restoration business – Property damage restoration is the process of restoring a property back to pre-loss condition after sustaining any level of Water, Flood, Mold, Fire, Wind or Bio-hazard damage.


-Water Damage Mitigation (Drying, Decontamination, Mold Prevention and Removal)

-Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration (Clean up, Odor Removal)

-Bio-hazard Damage Safe Removal and Decontamination

-NC Licensed General Contractor for Property Damage Reconstruction & Repairs

-Turn-key Insurance Claim Management

Why this business is unique

No one ever thEmerg+NC Logo-truckinks that a property damage event will ever happen to them, even though their mortgage company requires that they insure themselves for the possibility. So, when an event happens, they do not know who to call, but rather they rely on someone else (like their insurance company) to direct them to a company that ‘in most cases’ does not have their best interests in mind.

EMERG+NC Property Rescuers is a ‘direct to consumer’ insurance damage claim service provider. Customer’s call us because of our high credibility, excellent reputation and our highly recognizable brand. “ Emerg+NC Property Rescuers… Our name says exactly who we are and what we do”Logo-BizCard

We do not participate in national preferred vendors programs or third party administrated contractor programs. We work directly for our customers and receive authorization from our customers to invoice the insurance companies directly. The reward for our services comes from the fair profit margin made on doing the work and getting both the insurance company’s approval of an estimate that is properly prepared and getting the customer’s satisfaction for a job performed properly by following the industry standards.

Insurance companies are not allowed to provide property damage contracting services themselves. However, in order to control the process, virtually all insurance companies have created national ‘preferred vendor’ partnerships with large franchise based corporations based on providing services at discounted prices and by limiting the scope of repairs. These national contracts tie the local franchisees ‘restoration service contractors’ so closely to the whim of the insurance carriers, that they no longer act in the best interests of the policy holders at all. Keep in mind that an individual customer may only offer the ‘preferred vendor’ one job… Insurance companies can offer ‘preferred vendor’ many jobs… So, who does that preferred program contractor actually work for? This situation has created a major conflict of interest which has focused the insurance company on protecting their bottom line only, while providing their insured customers with loss replacements that are at best… ‘good enough’, but typically end up being ‘less than good enough’.Emerg+NC Services

It is important for consumers to understand that they have the lawful right to hire anyone they chose to perform claim contracting services. By law, insurance companies cannot cause any consumer’s rates to increase on a homeowner policies based on who they chose to work for them. Homeowner’s rates are regulated and go up annually as allowed by the state insurance commission, regardless. Customers just need to make sure that the company they chose is properly licensed, certified, uses accepted insurance company standard pricing and is properly insured to actually perform these sophisticated services. Statistics show that 90% of all companies that market themselves as insurance claim contractors are improperly insured and consumers would find that potential errors and omissions would not be covered if they were to occur.

EMERG+NC Property Rescuers’ liability risks are covered with a blanket all-in-one contractor’s pollution liability (CPL) policy (comprehensive general, fungal, bacterial and pollution liability all-risks-covered insurance). CPL… That’s a phrase most homeowners hopefully never need to know but when disaster strikes, EMERG+NC is properly covered.

For property damage emergencies, call 919 EMERG-NC and ‘We’ll Respond in a Heartbeat’.Logo-Phone