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Pam Goodman

k6Easy Mission

K6Easy English BooksTo bring the love of learning back and change a child’s experience from frustrated and overwhelmed to empowered and confident.

It is so important for all students to reach their full potential.  In working with many children and families, we have noticed a lot of patterns with extremely bright kids who are very frustrated in school who believe there might be something wrong with them because they aren’t “getting it”.  K6Easy is here to say that they are bright, gifted, valuable people who need to understand how they learn and notice that many people learn the same way they do and that there is nothing wronK6Easy Spanish Booksg with them!

We are excited to empower parents and their children with knowledge and tools that they can take into their learning environment where ever that may be, homeschool, public, private, charter and/or any self motivated research.

Many people are multi-sensory learners and understanding how we learn is critical to our children’s success in skill mastery and confidence.  We invite you to learn more at www.k6Easy.com.

Pam Goodman Bio

Pam GoodmanEducational Consultant with Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Business from the State University of New York at Albany.  While working at Nortel, graduated with Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Meredith.

Passionate about helping children reach their full potential through empowering their parents and children with knowledge and easy to apply tools.