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Douglas Koenig, Attorney
Law Offices of Douglas E. Koenig, PLLC

Practice Overview

Doug Koenig LawThe Law Offices of Douglas E. Koenig, PLLC helps veterans, seniors, and their families properly plan for life’s transitions and avoid the devastating costs of long term care.  We help people age with their dignity intact, and we provide peace of mind when life throws sudden changes at you.
Our comprehensive Life Pathways Plan is the Right Plan, at the Right Time, with the Right Documents.  The planning begins with a family meeting as we begin to understand you and your family (even if it is just you!). We like to know who you are, and what goals and wishes and dreams you have. Then, we plan for you like we would plan for our own families.  Doug knows your issues with elders and children, and in-between because he has the same kinds of issues in his family.  You will know when these plans apply and for what kind of life changes.
We do create the documents you need along the way, of course, including Wills and Trusts and all sorts of related estate planing documents.  The documents complement the plan … the right plan, the right time, the right documents. Through our “Life Pathways” approach, we help people plan to be ready for life’s changes and adapt the plans as they age.
If you need public benefits such as Medicaid or Veteran’s Pension, we help with that as well.  We support our client as we analyze needs, plan for the future, and apply for benefits.

New and Exciting

Two new things about the practice are worth noting.  First, we hired a new paralegal, Sharon Yao.  Sharon has a Elder Lawstrong background in teaching and in assisting with legal needs, which will mean that our clients have another fantastic resource to help with planning.  Secondly, Doug was recently named a finalist for “2016 Entrepreneurial Attorney of the Year” by Richard James.  This is a great honor and puts Doug in rare company with other like-minded attorneys who build their practice of service to clients in new and exciting ways.

We also have two relatively books available to people. One covers estate planning and is designed to be easy to read and informative. The other covers powers of attorney in greater depth.  People can order either book from the web site, or just call the office.


Doug comes to his law practice the long way around, starting as an engineer after graduating from Dartmouth College and the Thayer School of Engineering.  Fascination with the new field of computers led him to both Digital Equipment Corporation and Ford Motor Company with careers in software development and IT management.  In 2007, Doug retired from Ford Motor Company and wanted to do something totally new to help people.  Determined to dramatically reinvent himself, Doug graduated from the Michigan State University College of Law and opened a law firm in Durham, NC.

Since inception, Doug has helped hundreds of people plan for the future.  He works closely with his clients’ existing teams (financial planners, health care, and so on) to build the legal structures they need to plan for life’s transitions.  While he does work on typical estate planning needs, he also assists veterans nationally with VA disability applications and appeals.