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Technology Training Solutions

TTS training classesTechnology Training Solutions (TTS) is a self-sustaining unit within the division of Continuing and Professional Education at NC State University. We are located within the McKimmon Center for Continuing and Professional Education at the corner of Western Blvd and Gorman Street in Raleigh.

TTS has been serving North Carolina for over 30 years with innovative technology seminars, courses, and conferences. TTS has a unique audience comprised of members of business and industry in North Carolina. While the academic side of the university concentrates on college students, we provide cutting-edge technology education to adults in the workforce.

TTS is tasked with anticipating new technology offerings and/or technology change, and providing instruction to the TTS training groupbusiness community in those areas. Additionally, TTS offers programs showcasing Microsoft products, Adobe products, Digital Marketing, IT Certifications, Web Certifications, Fiber Optic Certifications, Programming, and more. Our typical course is offered in a one-day format, and is held either in our state-of-the-art computer labs, or at an organization’s facility.

Our 35+ contract instructors are working professionals who are experts in their field. They combine a rich understanding of their technology with proven adult instructional techniques to give our class participants an unparalleled experience and knowledge that lasts.

TTS training instructionHolly Sullenger, the assistant director of TTS, has been in the IT field since 1986. In addition to managing TTS, Holly has been a computer programmer, a corporate technology instructor, a college/university instructor, a database analyst, a systems administrator, an IT administrator, and has run her own IT speaking and consulting company for over 25 years. Holly is passionate about the TTS mission, and works to make sure that TTS offerings reflect technology information needs in our geographic region.


Meet the Instructor…

Holly A. Sullenger, M. Ed

Holly SullengerHolly Sullenger is a seasoned veteran in the field of corporate training, offering computer software consulting and instruction, productivity seminars and motivational seminars. As Assistant Director of Technology Training Solutions (TTS) at NC State University, Holly’s unit offers a host of courses that allow North Carolina members of business and industry to stay abreast of technology.

Holly’s experience in this field spans over 25 years. During that time, she has managed five different training centers, run her own consulting business, trained various levels of users in different areas of professional development and technology, and created effective business solutions. She combines an in-depth knowledge of business and industry with adult-education techniques, allowing her to bring unparalleled knowledge and assistance to her class participants.

Holly is currently a PhD student at NC State University in the field of Leadership, Policy and Adult and Higher Education.